Tuesday, 12 July 2011

memory - the suds

I have another little Memory.  
My favourite inside game was playing in the dishwashing suds in the washing up water. Mum would fill the sink. Wash up the knives and sharp items and then it was my turn.
This is another little story.....
I would climb up on a chair. I would be in my element.
I remember listening to the radio and pouring tea for the ladies and beer for the men. The suds served as the froth in the glasses and as milk in the tea and saucers.
I listened to every song on the radio, and even now, when I here songs from that era, and I realise I was too young to remember this. I would think... “aaahhh.. it was a washing up song.”
It was such fun, eventually everything would get put into the drainer, and I would be finished. Dad would come in and wipe up. Often there was very little done, but playing. It kept me occupied though, and It is really good memory.
There were no real accidents this time, except a maybe water on the lino floor.
Washing up has always been my thing.
My children have not really taken to this fun activity. Maybe its because there is so much more to do in there generation.
So these days, I wash up, and everyone wipes up. Do you have a memory?

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Vicky said...

I have mixed memories of washing up time! It wasn't a favourite chore, in our house, and I was sort of known for trying to get out doing it. But, when we got older, I remember some really great soap sud fights with my future brother-in-law - now, that was really good fun! A great post, Leanne:)