Tuesday, 1 June 2010

What will this week bring

Monday it was full of rain and looked like we were in for a week of it. So with that we knuckled down to a week schooling inside, snuggled up in our warm home. We said goodbye to our tradesmen as they couldn't tile the pool with the pouring pelting of the rain. We knew we had several disruptions to the week, so we chose to have a long day. I made fruit loaf and it was delicious. Brids' guide unit shared The Biggest morning tea with us parents, to aid in the research of breast cancer.
Tuesday, we saw our builders return and lots of progress being made on the pool project. We in turn had a productive school day as well. We are at the Apostolic Age in History, and Brid is writing out a recipe for living.
Although it is sunny in patches outside, and I do not like using my tumble dryer, I have succumbed this last couple of days. I am eyeing of  two pumpkins for soup today, but the builders are in my driveway again! and I can't get my car out to purchase my other ingredients. My soup will need to wait, maybe til later in the week.
Wednesday we are off to Piano in town, and we will come home via a special shop, to purchase a gift for someone special. We usually stay in town for Gymnastics and Irish dancing, but we have a special treat, an Irish dance troop are performing @ the Civic Theatre., in the evening. So we are heading home early to be prepared with a nice meal and dressed in our finery. We get a little school work completed in the morning, Brid is usually finishing off tasks that are assigned to her earlier in the week.
Looks like Thursday will be a little all over the place! I have an appointment in town, and we will stay and visit a friend, for a while, before returning home.
Friday is our usual day, and thats nice, although it is a long time until Friday, and guess what, our weekend looks just as full. Never rains but pours in our home. But we wouldn't have it any other way.


Carolyn Hastie said...

Lovely to read your blog Leanne! Did you get the soup done?
Please give my love to Dermot too! Great to catch up!

Leanne said...

Actually, I am just getting it done now. want some!!