Tuesday, 8 June 2010

MGL sisters are blooming


Recently I received a letter from a dear Friend Kate, she is an MGL sister. She wrote to let us know that the Sisters are 'blooming' . MGL stands for Missionary of God's Love. It is a reasonably new order, set up alongside Fr Ken Barkers MGL brothers and Priests.

The MGL sisters are at significant stage of development where they have a happy problem of not being able to fit the young women, who are looking to join them, in the houses available on the market. They are in need of a purpose built convent and they are at present seeking to purchase one. As they live primarily by Gods' providence they are seeking help so that there charism of reaching out to bring God's love to young people, the marginalised and the unchurched will continue to flourish.

They are looking at buying a novitiate convent supporting the development of a new generation of consecrated women in the Australian church.

I remember Sr Theresa mentioning to me that they moved a few weeks ago, and knew it would be temporary.

When we met them, several years ago, they had 10 MGL sisters. Now they have more than doubled and as stated earlier they live on Gods 'providence. This Order of Sisters has been inspirational in supporting our family in times of great need. They reach out and keep reaching out.

When Brid took her First Holy Communion, one of the Sisters prayed for her and sent her a gift. It was totally unexpected, but it meant so much to us. Sr Theresa has attended both Sisterhood conferences- 2009, 2010, and really connects with the women there. Sr Judy always attends Summer school at Tocal, and the youth love her.

They are asking for donations for this purpose. I did not write this post as a way of asking for donations for them, just merely to highlight the fact that they are an Orders that is thriving and needs a new home for their Sisters.

This has got to be an inspiration, that God is calling these young women to Religious life here in Australia.



Mum2eight said...

We knew quite a few of the Sisters when we lived in Adelaide and were a part of the DJ's community. It is great that they are doing so well.

I will keep them in my prayers that they will be able to get the accommodation they need for all the new sisters.

Sara said...

Nice post mummy
do you like my new name?!?!?!
Brid xox