Monday, 14 June 2010

Joyful Mysteries

While praying the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary tonight, we were all touched by part of the meditation:-     "Mary believed God's purpose for her,even though she did not always understand."
This is so very real for us at the moment, particularly with one of our children. We don't know where he is leading her or us her family. We just totally need to trust in His plan and purpose this path.
When you try to do it by yourself, and don't follow God's lead, things can fall apart or not happen, as you would want. We have learnt this last year, with our darling.
We are told in the 3rd Joyful Mystery that Jesus welcomes everyone, even those possessed by demons, those haunted by fear came and their spirits were lifted, and they felt there hearts soar. This gives me comfort, as we journey through this season of our lives.
Lastly, God makes our hearts for joy and will not let us lose treasures that truly matter. Our Joy comes from seeking Our Lord. .
This is just my Reflection on parts of the Joyful Mysteries that spoke to me.


Lauren said...

I was just reading to my girls the story in Luke where Mary is told (when Jesus was 8 days old and she took him to the temple to dedicate him to God), that sorrow would pierce her heart.
I wonder if she always watched Jesus with sad eyes, wondering when that sorrow would occur.
At least we, as mothers, can optimistically hope our children will out-live us, but Mary wasn't given that luxury!

Leanne said...

I recently attended a retreat and The presenter spoke that Our Lady was so filled with Joy, for many reasons, including that God chose her as the Mother of Our Saviour.

Gemma said...

I loved this reflection, Leanne. I keep thinking of my dozen yellow roses and wondering where that is going to lead me!