Thursday, 3 June 2010

Well I never

Today I met up with a very sweet lovely friend for coffee and a chat, at her home. We met at a course I started last year, and I knew she knew of some people that I worked with many years ago... seems like a life time ago.
We got talking Birth, doctors and then......then she mentioned an amazing women who was present at 3 out of my 4 childrens births. We had lost contact, more because I was moving in different circles.
This women I speak of, mentored me as a midwife, challenged me in my forming views, encouraged me. She nutured me as a new mummy, opened my eyes to the political arenas surrounding pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and being a Mum in an intense area known as Midwifery and especially Delivery Suite.
It was an area and time of my life, that I was working, trying to raise a family with the help of my gorgeous husband, my parents and a live out Nanny. It was a stressful time, an exciting time, A fun time, being involved with, and wanting to be a mothers/ parents advocate, and raising a family all at once. I was constantly tired as a shift worker, being on call. It just makes me shivver now. But at the time, it was what I knew. I had a great paying job. I had qualifications, and I not only used them, but continued to study to improve myself. This is what I knew, so it was what I did. Most midwives had families, we had our children and went back to work. I really loved the work I was doing, both in our home, and at this amazing field of work.
So back to my mentor....I loved this womens' philosophies and was drawn to learn and gain more knowledge from her, and other independent midwifes at the time. I just loved ''being with women, with the lights dim, soothing, soft, empowering words" and the knowing, like a sixth sense, if something was not quite right.
So this was my experience of pregnancy and labour and afterwards. I was determined to pass these ideas and 'ways' on. Hand them down to my collegues, midwifery students and my friends.
As I look back I recognise that I was already a person, who didn't fit into the square. I liked to do things differently.....maybe it was why when we started homeschooling, I was happy being out of the sheep herd.. 

So we reconnected.  I remember spending many an hour chatting over views, and  at times being overwhelmed with knowledge, but also desiring to learn more. If many of you know my strong views, you now need to meet the source! My dear friend has a blog. I will direct you there. Have fun.

So how does this all fit in to my life today. Well God knows that, and I am happy for him to direct me.
I am just happy now to be able to empower women and families through what ever way I can. I have the skills, I just use them as I need. God has given me wonderful opportunities and now I can give back in return, all for his Glory. 
I will let him lead.


Gemma said...

I am glad that I could share part of the day with you, and be the instrument for your reconnection with our mutual friend! It was a pleasure.

Leanne said...

I loved it too and thanks

sara said...

Nice Post Mummy

sara said...

Mum i tagged you!

Leanne said...

thanks darling girl

Carolyn Hastie said...

What a delight to read your kind words Leanne. Life is truly amazing isn't it. I'm so glad you are happy, surrounded by your delightful family. I wish all people could live with the joy that you do. Thanks for reconnecting :-) I look forward to catching up face to face and meeting you all again (and Brid for the first time) love and hugs, Carolyn