Tuesday, 29 June 2010


This year, I have concentrated on Brids 'presentation of her work being handed in to me. I have been expecting neat, well presented work, with good design ideas and well formed sentences. This didn't happen overnight. I needed to encourage her creativity. Tall ask!! but its been happening.

The lasr two weeks Brid has been working on a project. I gave her the option of how she would present her project, and she has chosen to use a newspaper format.
She has spend hours working on this project every free afternoon she has.
Today, she published it, with great delight, double sided and after a few glitches- like the whole document being lost in computerland. Luckily, she had saved her project. phewww!!

Anyway, at lunch, we were just chatting, and Brid said, "Can I do this every month?" This was music to my ears, and with this, we brainstormed so many newspaper articles.

So now I need to tweek term 3 and give her time for these self directed projects.


Renelle said...

I think this is fabulous! Sp good to have found something she wants to be her creative writing outlet. You never know you may have an up and coming reporter /writer! Catch up soon, take care.

Leanne said...

Thanks Renelle, Its working out what suits them, and then being brave enough to just give it a go.