Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Two weeks ago I injured my knee by kneeling on it. I cannot explain it any better than that, but it has really slowed me down. So what am I to learn from this. I wonder. I remember when I was pregnant with Brid spending many months on bedrest due to placenta praevia. I learnt to stop controlling situations.
I believe this time is to teach me to slow down and be humble. I have needed to be dependant on many people to run our household. My parents, children, Dermot, and friends.
Last weekend a couple of sisters in Christ and myself were booked in to go to 'Sisterhood'- the inaugural conference for women by women.
I wasn't even sure if I would be able to go, even up until the last hour an a half I was still unsure due to the severity of my knee injury. I decided why not.
My friend picked me up in her car, I made myself comfortable in the back seat, picked up another friend- hi Tricia, and we were off. To Sydney.
We got there in one piece, we found our allocated rooms. I was told we would be together, but apparently there computer system lost the updated list, and they were working on an old room list. So we three shared with 2 other ladies. All our worst fears rolled in to one. I looked at one friend and I could see, we all had reservations. So I hadn't thought my df would have to bring my stuff to the room from the car, as I was on crutches, with limited movement, and guess what It was raining. Great.
We unpacked and made our way up to the conference area to see what we were in for.
I saw so mant people I know. Many from WYD05, other organisations. It was so cool to see them all again. And we could chat-wow.
It was a powerful weekend of a wonderful message of Sisterhood, celebration of Women, Talks ranged from The feminine genius, the wounds of our Souls, marriage, Bernie Black gave her testimony of her life as a very young Mum- and her determination to Not have an Abortion under any circumstances- beautiful heart wrenching testimony.
We had Adoration and the chance for Confession, an awesome night of praise and worship- if only I could have stood up-( I was made very comfortable all the weekend by a longe chair and pillows for my knee. ) So I couldn't praise how I wanted to, I couldn't kneel when Blessed Sacrament was exposed, but I learnt to do this in a different way.
I recommitted my life, like many other women to Our Lord, publicly. This was very moving. I make this commitment every year at Summer School, But to do this amongst Women was very emotional.
The next day, a Beautiful Mass was said By Fr Ken Barker the founder of the MGL's -Missionary of God's Love order- coming under the umbrella of the Disciples Of Jesus.
It was lovely weekend, very stirring, although I wished I could have been more mobile. But with out Louise & Tricia helping me I would never have been able to go. To be at the mercy of friends and other people who don't know you, and for them to come up to help you is very humbling.
So humility is my lesson, and possibly patience.

Brid and Dermot had the best weekend, while I was away. They saw Asterix- in French- needed to read the subtitles. Dermot is a big Asterix fan, so It is only fitting that he took Brid along.
when we were on our way home I rang to see what was happening. Brid said Dermot was ironing. I thought thank you.
Dermot said he would like to take Brid away for a father/ daughter camp. Brid spends many hours with me, so this was a wonderful opportunity to be together.
So in all, I would like to invite all Australian Catholic Women to this conference next year. Come along and be totally embraced by the love of other women and Our Lord.

Today I am feeling better, I was able to cook dinner. That is a story I will post in a couple of days. Because it is quite a story.

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Jenny of Elefantz said...

Leanne, what a beautiful time you had!! How blessed you are to have those opportunities, and those friends. :-)
Praying your leg heals and that you find a renewed understanding of 'letting go'...what a wonderful family you have. :-)