Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Dinner served

Lately we have changed our routine. We changed it so Brid could help with the family meal. I am responsible for teaching Brid how to cook, sew etc., so as a family we decided Brid would be available to help prepare our meals.

She is very diligent, and as I have had issues getting around because of my knee, Brid wanted to really get hands on.

Brid washed her hands, and under my instruction: chose the ingredients from the fridge and pantry, got out all the equipment necessary, started to chop the vegetables, cook the chicken, just like she had done it a million times- which I can assure you she hadn't.

Daddy helped make rice- another first, and I sat looking on from the lounge giving instructions as needed. I was learning more patience. I so wanted to be up there and help---umm take over.

Brid was very proud of herself, and as she says, I now know there is much more to making a meal. She really 'worked' the kitchen very well.

As she was very proud of her efforts- she made Teriyaki Chicken', I said yes she could serve out.

As we said our prayer before our meal, I trult could say 'Bless the hands that have made this meal'- as it wasn't me, it was my sweet dear little 11 year old.
Brid recently became a Girl Guide- she took months to organise her 'Promise ceremony'- because we wanted her to want to become a Guide. Now her cooking efforts can go toward her cooking badge. And sewing efforts.......This has excited Brid.
Brid is wearing the apron she made last year, and she has a new fashion accessory- glasses. She is very proud of them. They really suit her face. Brid proudly displayed them to the Mums at Gymnastics yesterday- a kind friend took her -thank you.


Jenny of Elefantz said...

Well done, Brid!! What a blessing you are to mum!!

Cindy said...

How exciting for you! I know what you mean about patience. I always want to "help" things along!