Thursday, 21 May 2009

And there is more

At our little cottage, actually it wasn't all that small. It was 3 bedrooms, a little sunroom, opening living area, dining room and big laundry and 2 bathrooms, plus a huge verandah, with 3 sets offrench opening doors. Upstairs was a a great attic that Brid enjoyed playing, reading and sitting in. The photo of the kitchen area was taken from there in my last post. It was the best place to dry clothes, and as heat rises, the warmest as well.

We met some very full cows ready to be milked on our way into town one day. They surrounded the car. Brid could not resist taking some photos.

This holiday was full of no schedules at all. If we wanted to go out, go to town or go on a bushwalking we did.
Nothing was planned, except meals.
Dermot read, I embroidered and Brid just played and we played several board games together.
Brid & Dermot wanted to go to the falls closer to Dorrigo, called Dangar falls, so of they went. I was happy doing my own thing.
The only thing that was important was to chill out,oh and have long morning and afternoon coffees.-that was important.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a lovely holiday spot.

Leanne said...

thank you it was relaxing, it is close to the flood zones now though in the north of nsw, but it won't flood too high up.