Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I'm a little surpised

Lately we have been teaching Brid new skills; such as cooking, sewing and ironing. She has adapted to them very well- apart from having a careful fear of the heat of the iron.
Our homeschool community is going to Tocal Homestead, for an old fashioned day. The girls have decided to dress up for the occasion, so today we had friends over so the girls could make little bonnets under our supervision.
The girls cut and pinned there fabric and then one at a time sewed on the machine, whilst the boys just played, and we loosely kept an ear and eye on there project.
I was rather delighted to watch the items come together. The girls were taught some finer points of sewing, and also some that we just made up as we went along.
We got the bonnets nearly finished before heading off to our weekly homeschool event.
This evening Brid continued her project. She has made another apron to go with the whole colonial theme. She has made it from scratch, with very little assistance from me.
All I could hear tonight was the sewing machine going rather fast. it rather surprised me.
I was delighted with her efforts.
Can't wait to see them all dressed for the occasion next week.

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Passion is such a great motivator. This week I got my old typewriter out. The kids are typing letters to each other. Lots of creative writing going on without one lesson plan in sight!
Natural learning-I love it!