Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Year of Priests

I have just been reading Our Holy Fathers homily from last Sunday at San Giovanni Rotanda. It was a very beautiful Homily, and one I could invisage him delivering.

I was touched by his homily, and particularly by his last paragraph. "........Even in the storms that can suddenly rise up, you can experience the breath of the holy spirit that is stronger than any contrary wind and which pushes the boat of the Church and each of us. That is why we must live in serenity and cultivate joy in our hearts, giving thanks to the Lord. "his love is forever" ............

The dioceses that I live in, has been greatly affected by many Priests being charged with abuse. This has rocked many parishioners and has slandered the Church.

We as a family have decided to take up the prayers for our Priests. We have decided to pray for certain areas of the priesthood on certain days, as Our Holy Father has asked us to do.

Monday- all Priests

Tuesday - Priests of our Dioceses

Wednesday -Priests being tempted

Thursday -vocation

Friday - deceased Priests and those that have been martyred

Saturday - A different country per week

Sunday- Vocation

This may not be in a correct order, and I am sure some would put them in different places, but as Brid made the list up, I will stick with her ideas.

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