Thursday, 9 April 2009

My favourite season of the Year

Lent is always a time of reflection and a time that our parish Priest has always encouraged us- his parish; to form small group, gather in homes read the Gospel and prayer together.
As we have done for 16 years, in our Parish, Dermot and I gathered in our respective groups once a week.
It was a great program, set out by Wollongong Dioceses. Great Music and a Prayer in all seasons was the focus. I got a lot out of the program. My friend S was the first person I had contact with in this parish, when we moved to the area, and it is always special to share the journey with her.
We knew we would have a busy Lent because 2 nights of the week were taken up with Lenten groups. But added to that was our Engaged couple we were mentoring weekly, and a course I have been attending weekly. So we have stepped into Holy week and the Triduum rather exhausted.
I love the Triduum, it is something that I have grown in, and just sit after Mass on Holy Thursday in tears. Like most of us, it just touches me right in my own sorrows and challenges.
Tonight was no different, but the difference, was that we felt very peaceful to just stay as long as we wanted to, to wait with Jesus in his Agony. Brid was touched and just wanted to sit close to us and be still.
Driving home the mood was sober. But peaceful.

And my favourite words that have been a mantra for me over the last 10 months have been 'watching and waiting', and there were those words again tonight. Did it hit me, yes like a tonne of bricks.

Have a blessed Easter.


Anonymous said...

I too sat in church after mass for some time last night. Tears came to my eyes as I thought deeply and reflected.
Easter blessings to you and your family.

Purpleflowerpatch said...

Powerful description, Leanne...watching and waiting with you. {{{hugs}}}