Thursday, 16 April 2009

A little look into our day

We surprised Brid today with an early birthday present. Brid loves horses, and she has been saving up really hard to take some lessons. So, today we took her for her riding lesson. She has riden before, so that was a start.

Instead of just a lesson, Brid was invited to stay for some hours and help out as well.

Well of course she was keen, so as I got a good feeling about the centre, felt OK about her staying, I left her to her lesson and chores. Great.

I was needed at home anyway.

Dermot and my Dad have been putting up a fence on the lower side of our property. Dad was there by himself as Dermot was busy. So after I made Dad a cup of tea and toast- he always has morning tea at 11am- and had a chat, we set off to work. Well I thought I could do something, but Dad wouldn't let me lift anything- he is old fashioned. He relented and I filled the post holes with cement and water. And as they were close to finishing began removing un needed tools.

So between Dad Dermot and myself we got it all finished, just in time for me to pick a very tired, but very excited daughter up. She had a ball and has of course asked to go back, but she will need to do extra chores. Todays lesson was a gift from her Mum and Dad, which she was delighted about, of course.

Today was also the day Louise fixed up her phone, so she could txt me, that was another yeah!!, back in contact moment. They ended up 're booting' it.

So after all the busyness of our day, we had some friends come to visit, and they stayed for dinner. The kids played and we chatted. It was a lovely finish to a beautiful sunny Autumn day.

I do really enjoy this time of year, it is such nice season of the year, for so many reasons.


Tricia said...

I'm so excited for Brid! Can't wait to hear all about it. I was only the other day that I was wondering when she would get to induldge her passion. I can imagine how excited she was!!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely present, and what a wonderful family you have. Your dad sounds a lot like my dad.
Thanks Leanne.