Wednesday, 25 March 2009

What a day, What a Blessing

Well I must confess that somehow or an other I got my dates mixed up and I thought today was The Annunciation.

We corrected that fairly quickly, this meaning the things we had organised for 'tomorrow' where not ready, anyway, we changed our plans, as we can as homeschoolers, and ......

Brid and I drove off early, to Church to spend sometime in Adoration and Thanksgiving. We wanted to be early so we could just be in the presence of Our Lord.
We knew we wouldn't be home for some hours, so we took some of our work to do in the car. Latin on the CD player in the car, faith reader outside the church before we walked in.

Mass was beautiful, honouring Our Lady, and Ava Maria just sounded lovely. It resonated through the whole church.

After Mass we had lunch at a little Cafe' and by chance met up with my dear Dermot. another blessed moment.

We were to meet up with a Lecturer at the University to look at Moon rocks. Louise had lovingly asked her lecturer last week if Brid could come and look at them. So after getting a park right out the front of the pathway we needed to take and finding our way along the map Louise had prepared for us, we were there.
We thought we were pretty clever, because Newcastle Uni can seem hard to get around for a stranger. We met with this lecturer, who was just so enthusiastic, but had forgotten to get the moon rocks from the safe, at the bank- I kid you not. She is one of 3 people who have these rocks- the other two are ex-presidents of the US.
All types of loops were hurdled for her to keep them in her possession.

She must of felt a little guilty, because she proceded in giving Brid and myself a very interactive seminar on The Solar System and Astronomy.

It was so interesting, but I think the best part was that Brid was just so present to hear the information. She was keen to learn but also keen to share what she knew, and boy was her recall good. It is a pet topic for Brid and one she surprised me and this lovely kind women with her knowledge.

I must admit I have gone away from there truly buzzing, with Joy for Brid and a big yes, she is learning. It was a blessing ,that after the events of our past year, I truly needed to be witness to.
What a perfect day to witness these exchanges of knowlede between these two, and the respect that they gave each other. It was definitely a moment inspired by God just for us.
Everything was just so right yesterday, the smoothness of getting our book work done, the parks right outside buildings we needed to be at, green lights all the way, and this was just 2pm.
Dermot and my Dad have been tiling our laundry area, and it was coming to completion yesterday. It looked great, another unexpected blessing. So now I have my laundry back.
I kept thinking of Our Lady's 'yes', and its affect on the world.
My Dad was in no hurry to go home, as Mum was out, so he just stayed and chatted. It was nice to talk together and just be.
Last night, at prayer group, it was beautiful to sit with other women and just be present to Our Lord and celebrate the Annunication.

So I am not sure here, who was more blessed Our Lady being honoured on this beautiful feast day of her YES, or us because our whole day was just blessed from beginning to end.
Maybe both.
I am sure we all have wonderful stories to tell of our days, but this day was special for us.

So I am in Awe of Mary's Yes, and she blesses us everyday with her Son.


olivia said...

hi just looking at your blog. i find it interesting :) im irish too :) just thought i'd drop a note ha! keep up the good work.
God bless,

olivia said...

i found it from hope you don't mind :)

Anonymous said...

What a truly beautiful day you enjoyed.
I have been enjoying your blog.
I love the name of your blog!
God Bless