Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Its been a huge journey over the last 12 months. One I would not like to place on anyone, but we are stronger and much more resilient than before.

Who would have believed the way family and others have turned there backs on our pain and judged us.

It has spiralled us both to a very dark pit, and climbing back to middle ground- can't say we are at the top-, it has renewed our faith in Our Lord. The last few weeks have shown that to us in a big way.

I can truly say, I Trust in YOU Lord, because I know it is through him that we will receive any healing that we need.

I know He has a plan and we just need to let him show us the way.

If this means to pack up and follow him to the ends of the Earth, we will.

I still struggle in crowds and places of familiarity. This is my humanness, and its an area again I need to ask Our Lord to heal.

So as we, as a family, place each step on the ground and walk with Jesus, we just Trust that he knows what we need.

We place before him our lives and our needs, and saying that we say, we surrender all to You and 'Yes', I will do it according to you will. So out of this comes newness, new life, new hope, new challenges and a new family. And in it all, deeply aware of God's providence in our lifes.
So with all this in mind we can sing
New Spirit, New heart give us a brand new start,
so the world can proclaim the glory of Your name.
Take pride and resistance,
give faith and obedience and love.
You give us new life!