Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Girls having fun

Brid turned 11 just before we went to homeschool camp at Fitzroy Falls.
Brid was my birthday present 11 years ago. Well she arrived the next day.
By tradition in our family, the birthday person gets to have breakfast in bed and be queen or king for the day.
Brid always wants to have breakfast in our bed, so that's how her day started.
Her big sister surprised her with a cool present. To have her ears pierced. I said to Louise, "When would you like to take her?" ( Thinking big sis/ little sis special time together).
Louise replied "You had better come too, I don't think I can handle it if she cries".
So that will happen soon.
Party time with some of her homeschool friends was next.
It was a lovely girlie party, and truly they could have entertained themselves, if we didn't have games and activities organised. A lovely bunch of girls.
To top of the day, my parents came over to have afternoon tea after everyone left for there homes.
And then a family movie of Brids' choice.
Such a Blessing.


Erin said...

Happy Birthday Brid from the H family:)

Leanne said...

Brid says
Thank you. Love Leanne

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Happy Birthday Brid!! My, oh, my, you have a smile that brightens up a whole room - beautiful!!