Monday, 31 October 2011

All Hallows Eve

We are preparing to celebrate the month of November. On our Church calendar, November is dedicated to the Holy Souls.
In Australia, tomorrow is the Melbourne cup- a famous horse race, everything is geared around it, but its also All Saints Day.

Many families have their doubts about celebrating Halloween. For example, the practice of trick-or-treating is something that has only recently been celebrated on a large scale here in Australia. The association with pagan ritual is viewed as inappropriate and even considerd dangerous for children. In fact, Halloween has deep Christian roots, dating back to the eigth century, when Pope Gregory III established  All Hallows( known to us as All Saints Day on November 1st. This was to be the day to honour all the saints whi died with or wothout Church recognition. All Souls Day follows on 2nd November and is a time in which we pray for all the dead, including our own special frinds and family.
Light, long a symbol of life in Jesus, was used on 'Halloween'(meaning 'All Hallows Eve) to welcome good spirits and ward of evil ones. Candles were lit and placed inside hollowed out pumpkins, squash etc. Children,wearing masks. would go 'souling' from door to door, begging for soul cakes for those in purgatory.
Unfortunately, Halloween also coincides with a pagan festival honouring the God of the dead where customs intended to appease evil spirits, avoid haunting and foretell the future are common.

This Halloween, we celebrate Our Heavenly Family- by praying the Litany of the Saints.
                            we celebrate our deceased family members by praying for them during this month of November, visiting there grave sight and remembering them.


Vicky said...

I didn't know about the soul-cakes for the souls in Purgatory, Leanne. It has such a different meaning when children just beg for treats, doesn't it? Though, maybe, if they know the history, there isn't any harm in having fun. Perhaps, it's a cultural thing. I'm still not sure about trick or treating myself, though - we've never wanted to do it with our children.

Thanks for sharing the information, Leanne:)

Leanne said...

Thanks Vicki, For dropping by.
It was quite a lot of fun researching this area of our faith. I wanted my post to be accurate and I learnt so much.
It does put a different slant on trick or treat.
God Bless

Vicky said...

I've just nominated you for an I Blog Jesus award, at my blog, Leanne. I hope you feel encouraged by Jesus' love and inspired in your very special mission. God bless:)

Leanne said...

Thanks Vicki, I will pop straight over and have a look.