Monday, 14 November 2011

Padre Pio

The Padre Pio dvd
Recently  I  have watched a great dvd of a Miracle worker Saint. St Pio of Pietrelcrina.  He is a remarkable modern day saint.
I purchased the dvd late last year at a homeschool camp, and left it on the shelf. Umm.. Why..? I wonder now. I was a fairly real portrayal of his life.
Recently I gave a small Pauline book to my Mum about St Padre' Pio, as she hasn't kept up with some of these 'modern day saint'. I will be passing this dvd on as well.
He was chosen by God for some amazing work and his Stigmata is well talked and queried.
I first learnt of him through the Disciples of Jesus, and have enjoyed  discussing his life with Dermot & our children.
We are all watching this dvd in small portions throught this week as part of our Religion, Geography, History etc..
 Pietrelicina is a small town in Italy, 2 hours drive from Sorrento. He was named Francesco after St Francis of Assisi. He received his gifts as a small child and announced at a young age that he wished to be a Friar.
He lived as a persecuted Priest due to his Stigmata,The gift of bilocation, wonderful confessor and the ability to have exactly thr right word of counsel. The church was sceptical about this, and it needed to be. He understood this, and offered his suffering through the crucified Lord.
Blessed John Paul II met with Padre' Pio and asked for prayers before he was even a Bishop.
He spend most of his days at a town known as San Giovanni Rotonda. It is the second visited pilgrim sight after Our Lady of Guadalupe.
We celebrate Padre Pios' feast day September 23rd.  He dies in 1968 and was canonised in 2002 by Pope John Paul II.

St Pio of Pietrelcina Pray for us.


Sue Elvis said...

Leanne, I have this same DVD. It's been sitting on the shelf waiting to be watched... After your review, I can't wait to see it.

I have a couple of books about Padre Pio. I shared a lot with my children some years ago and Callum chose this saint as his confirmation patron. That must have been fairly soon after Padre Pio's canonisation.

Great post! God bless.

Leanne said...

Thank you Sue, I loved this dvd so much...I cried, and smiled and cried again. He touched my heart. I loved the Italian they spoke.
What a Blessing for Callum to have him as a Confirmation Patron.
I am now wanting to purchase a good book about him..any suggestions.
God Bless