Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The liturgical year

At Homeschool camp recently we were asked to reflect and talk about how we celebrate the liturgical year.
I have been thinking on this a lot since then.
I remembered the year I really began taking notice of the liturgical calendar.
It was Advent and I was involved in a mothers group helping organise Children’s Masses in our church. Our children were all very small and attending school.
In the bulletin each week was a prayer and a reflection for each week of Advent. With a little bit of resistance we began saying the prayers. I realised change needed to be implemented slowly.
A little while later I realised that the colours in the church changed according to the season. Oh I was fascinated. I was so very green. I think I am trying to say here is that its ok to be where you are, and build upon these ideas as you go along.
I discovered that Mary had a month dedicated to her and the Rosary had a month as well. I didn’t quite know what to do but I had Mary as a central figure in our home at this time. As I said I was just learning.
Its very different to how I discovered the world of other Homeschooling Catholic families once we began homeschooling and looking at the blogging world. I had so much to learn. There were so many beautiful ways to celebrate the liturgical year and I was totally overwhelmed. I began with dolly steps.
I remember discussing this with a friend. We both purchased several pieces of cloth in liturgical colours and began following the liturgical year more closely.
I realised that each month has its dedication. March- St Joseph, May- Our Lady,etc.
So my reflection included looking at the progression of this. We now have a Family Alter, we are comfortable in the liturgical colours and how and when to use them. Candles and statues or prayer cards are happily added as we celebrate the Saints and their feast days. A cake and an image of the Saint is the best way we celebrate them. A litany is a favourite in our home. November is a favourite because we say the litany of the Saints and pray for the Souls in purgatory. Last year we placed every Saint on red cardboard and asked there intercession each day. We will do this again.
What a journey we have had. The calendar is now second nature.
So be comfortable where you are, and allow God to teach you. Don’t be stressed, just enjoy.    


Vicky said...

I so agree with you, Leanne! I have often found that God teaches us in His own time and that our progress is in His hands.

We have just recently begun to learn about the liturgical year. Your post is very encouraging and full of hope:)

Leanne said...

Thank you Vicki, it is so much fun to learn what God has in mind for us in this liturgical journey.
Thank you for your kindness
God Bless

Sue Elvis said...


one year I made a big cloth calendar and hung it on the wall. Then we made felt saints, each with their distinguishing symbols. Each month we attached the right saints to the right spots on the calendar, using velcro. I used a book of patterns I bought from Helen. I haven't seen the calendar since it was packed away during one of our house moves. Perhaps I should hunt it out. Gemma-Rose would enjoy using it and learning more about the liturgical year.

Thank you for your post and reminding me about my saints' calendar!!

Leanne said...

Gemma-rose would enjoy it. That Velcro caendar sounds great. You must dig it out.