Thursday, 2 June 2011

Channel F

I have to confess I am married to the most amazing man. He spoils me beyond belief, and at times I don’t appreciate it.
When we were first married, we bought a little house close to my parents, about 3 kms away. It wasn’t flash, it was on a steep large block and it needed lots of renovation work, which I thought we may do.  The part we loved the most was its fireplace. It was our only form of heating all those years ago. We would have the fire burning all day in winter. It was the best TV I could have had. We would be mesmerised by it.
We outgrew that home and we purchased land and build our family home. We always dreamed of putting in a fireplace, but we knew it would be costly, as we had grand plans of mantle pieces. So 17 years later when we sold that home, we made sure we had the maths right for a fireplace in this our new home.
I really wasn’t sure if we could afford it, so I left it up to God. If he allowed it,  well and good.
 I did however, have a spot ready for it and I even had our cat lying in the spot where it would be so he would be comfortable in that spot.
Anyway without me knowing Dermot looked into various slow combustion fires and ordered one. Really !!! Was I surprised? He looked into installation and he decided I can do it myself. Go Dermot!! The man who when we moved from UK to Australia couldn’t mow a lawn or put oil in a car, let alone install a fireplace.
The fireplace was available to pick up last week, so my Dad and Dermot loaded it in Dads little van and drove home. It was HEAVY. How were we to get it inside our home? It is made of cast iron. Well using our heads and a bit of practical physics we – Dermot, Dad, Brid & myself- dragged and pulled it with cardboard underneath and a large towel once we got it up the step using the pallet it came on. It was positioned. Yeah!!
Now Dermot over the next day or two would make his schedule clear to install it.........


Sue Elvis said...

I just love hearing your stories, Leanne. You are a very fortunate woman: such a wonderful husband AND a wood heater!!

Leanne said...

Sue, I know I am very very Blessed. Dermot is a wonderful Husband and Dad. God has Blessed us so much.