Sunday, 5 June 2011

After having our slow Combustion fire in and working now for a while now, I have come to the conclusion that I will never look at a stick or twinge again in the same way.
These pieces of tree will always now be looked at as kindling. We have a few trees on our property and at various times throughout the year, they drop their branches.
In the past, we have picked them up and placed them on the gardens. Not anymore. !!!!

We- Brid & I  take our wheelbarrow and collect our branches and twinges. Brid and I sort them into smallest to largest. We break them into approx. 12 inch long pieces, if we can. A selection of each size can be taken to the fire and use to build our fire.  
So yes, I am Miss Organisation. Comes with the nursing back. The organisation that was in ground in me by my senior nurses, educators, Nuns and the busyness of intensive areas I loved to work in.
That means each size has its own bucket and it makes it easier to pick the days selection of firewood.

As soon as the fire was installed, Dermot organised  a delivery of wood that he and Brid stacked in the shed. She being the apprectice to Miss organisation, picked up all the small pieces and we now have a lovely selection of very small pieces of wood. Thank you Brid.
I suppose you are wondering why I have called this post Channel F? HMmm. Well it’s because looking at the fire burning is the best TV channel. No violence or disturbing viewing on this channel. No sadness or bad news. Only warmth and a crackle. Great to read a book by.....

So we invite you to come and warm yourself by our fire.


Erin said...

If only you were close I'd invite you over with your chain saw to cut fuel for your fire. We have plenty to spare:)

Renelle said...

Wooohooo up and running, looks wonderful

Leanne said...

Erin, That would be have been wonderful. Brid would have made herself at home in your library.
thanks Renelle, its pretty warm and not messy either. Important for me.

Sue Elvis said...

I can just imagine you all sitting cosily by that wonderful fire, Leanne. You will enjoy the winter with the pleasures of a wood fire. How big is your property?