Thursday, 6 January 2011

Teens and homeschooling

It was so nice to see a bunch of girls, including my Brid,  at the Presentation Day for our Area, late last year,  sitting chatting and not one felt left out. They were all engrossed in the conversation. So my heart melted- that is so nice. I knew this would be a good thing.
Now we are in our 6th year of homeschooling and its been a great experience for the whole family. We are heading into the teen years now.
Although we have been there before with 3 teens, they were largely involved with Catholic Schools- so they had friendships formed.
We are Blessed in our homeschool area to have several teens and Mums who want there teens to expand beyond the computer and the Wii and the techno stuff.. ( all that stuff is great, but there is nothing like chatting and 'doing' with other teens.) As said School can look pretty inviting at this time, because there are no teens at events being held.
Brid has been praying for a Teen group, a teen prayer group and get to know you group for teens.
Her prayers were answered as I logged into our local proboard, and saw all these things Teens unfolding.
An activity type group, a teen girls group to be run at the same time as a Mums group, Various picnic days. Brilliant.
She has several good Homeschool friends from the local area and others from homeschool camp. I made sure that she developed friendships a few years ago when the wind was taken out of our sales with 2 family crisis', within 3 months of each other. Brid prayed and I prayed for Girls here age to be at various events. And Guess what, God is good, it happened.
So as well as various catch ups with teens- ie birthdays and just because..., I think we will have a strong little group, if we as Mums and Dads all stay strong and keep it going.
Praise God for his mighty work. Thank you Lord.

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Sue Elvis said...

Hi Leanne, do you know any teenagers who are blogging? My older girls would like to visit other teenage blogs and share theirs too. God bless.