Thursday, 20 January 2011

SSE11 part two-

Last week at SSE11, during the day, we were asked to attend lectures and seminars. There is quite a variety, and I always like to stretch my learning at this time. So I usually attend at least one ‘heavy’ lecture and a thought provoking one. I am usually spirit lead, and this year Dermot & I attended mostly the same Lectures together. This in itself is unusual. We always like to discuss ou various learning sessions at coffee breaks.

This year, Brid and some of the older tweens were asked to attend a lecture series. They all felt quite grown up, as they took themselves, responsibly off to the 8.30am lecture. It was run by a beautiful, vibrant young woman of God. It was called Creative worship. -Right up Brids’ alley.

She has swayed to church and praise music, since I can remember. She loved to dance in the aisles as a toddler.

They had a marvellous time painting and dancing and allowing The Holy Spirit to touch their hearts. This was obvious in the way the people attending this lecture, were so free in the Spirit at times of Praise & Worship. It added a deeper dimension to the evening sessions. Crystal had flags made up for use during P & W and I was given one at one point, and as I baulked at using it I realised how free these others were, and how much more I needed to be free. Needless to say, Brid’s paintings are awesome and she freely danced in the spirit.

The evening sessions are a time we praise and worship God in whatever way you are led to do that, witness talks, and the Blessed Sacrament is exposed for Adoration. It is a beautiful time for prayer close to the monstrance, or a time for prayer, with prayer teams, and of courses our greatest Sacrament –confession. It is available every night. Every night is ended by the Night Office. Something I love and I have been doing since our first Summer School, many years ago now- It can be hard to follow, but we have the idea now. The Mgls make it very easy to follow along.

our chapel

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