Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A Friend from the past- a confession

It has been a wonderful Peacefilled time for us as a family, as we celebrate the Nativity of Our Lord and ponder the reflections and Homilies of our Priests. We are also able to catch up with friends from afar. I was very tentative to reconnect with a lovely friend as I would need to rehash our events of the last 2 and half years. I wasn't sure if I would have the strength or the energy to do this. Or whether I was able to through the tears.
I was hesitant and a little offputting to this dear friend. She lives several hours away, Her husband and her only gets down this way once or twice a year, so our lives don't cross regularly. Probably my fault because I have avoided the connection.
As the evening unfolded and we chatted, it all came so naturally. She knows me and I know her. WHAT WAS I THINKING. This women has been with me through my midwifery training, our children were babies together, we lived in the same street. She saw me through PND and took beautiful care of me pre pregnancy, antenatal and post natal for our dear little Brid. I was worried I would end up with PND again.
She moved to a country town 8 years ago, and I thought I was losing my best buddy. How would I cope with that? I know, I will just see them when they come down. I would push the pain away. The pain of losing her and her regular chats was too much to cope with.
Anyway, we chatted like we have never parted and I can say anything to this Women. We are truly connected, why was I fighting that. I don't know.
She was and is shocked with our sequence of events, but also very supportive and I know she will be there always.
She has also been through quite a lot of pain with one of her children, and her 'light' is another son is getting married this year. How exciting is that. I have known him since a little 9month old.
I suppose my biggest fear was that I would be judged yet again and considered guilty of all charges without a fair trial. I needed to be listened to, and understood. For the first time, someone understood and really got it. We spoke the same language, It must be a nurse thing, she just knew what to say.
God, you are so good, why did I doubt that you had given me Fran as a friend. I just almost threw it away. How Blessed am I to have such wonderful Friends near and far.
Now I have confessed and part 2 will come later. I have been teasing most of you about our trial. I suppose I need to explain........until part 2.. 


Erin said...

Leanne, {{{{}}} :):)

Sue Elvis said...

I can't belive it Leanne! I was 'speaking' to you yesterday, telling you I didn't have any blog post ideas. Then half way through the night an idea suddenly arose and that was the end of my sleep. I wrote the story this afternoon. I have just posted it. It is friend story. A thank-you-for-being-my-friend story. And then I hopped over here and read your latest post...a friend story! Thank God for friends.

Leanne said...

THat is an act of God. I call it a God incidence....

Sue Elvis said...

Yes, Leanne. I don't believe in coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. Perhaps I was meant to tell you, "Leanne, I am glad to have you as my friend!"

Leanne said...

orgh now you'll make me cry.. thanks.. big hug leanne