Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Marists part 3

We first got to know Fr Ron last year during his lecture series- 'a little bit about the Sacraments', and we- Dermot & I -had begun forging a friendship with this priest. This year he had been asked to do another lecture and seminar series and we were drawn to his lecture series again.

Fr Ron –a Marist Priest gave a lecture series on Marist Saints. It was a very informative look at the Marists spirituality and the different branches in the Marist Family. The Marist Fathers, Marist Brothers, Sisters, Laity, Marist Missionary Sisters

He began with explaining their motto. Sub mariae nomine- Under Mary’s name. He discussed how it was formed Post French Revolution and how the founders prayed in a small chapel in the same place St Therese of Liseux asked a Blessing on her life- “The Ancient Chapel of the Virgin”. He discussed that the Marists went where Parish’s were deserted and where education was abandoned. He talked about needing to meet the people where they were at , and this included being missionaries during there down seasons in the winter- as the people were out in the fields during summer.

Fr Ron has taken pilgrimages to the places that were significant to the Marist order, and his passion for Our Lady and his founders roots are shining in everything he says. Places like Fourviere, Lyon and villages in this area.

He states Fr Peter Chanel to be the 1st Marist Saint and 1st martyr of the pacific. He discussed St Marcelli Champagnat as a saint as well. As many may know, he was the Founder of the Marist Brothers. He was deeply inspired by Our Lady.

He talked about Jean-Paul Colin and Fr Ron being asked to submit his case for Sainthood by the Vatican.

I loved learning more about the Marist spirituality.

There is more resources here

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