Thursday, 12 August 2010

Topic Approach week 3 and 4

Its been around 4 weeks since we began using Topic approach. Its been a good fit so far. Brid likes to 'get into a topic' and although she will move on to another, she finds it distracting of her concentration.
So the last week Brid concentrated on her newspaper. It is something, she puts together once a month, on various topics. This month being Music.
This week we have been able to flesh out Rome. We are close to the end of this period in History and it has been worthwhile being able to stay on a topic and get momentum.
So would I say its been a good switch?
yes and a tiny bit of hesitation on a no.
We are covering more and certainly the continuity is worth it, but I am reluctant to say its how we will continue.
Time will tell.


EnduringPrize said...

Interesting. I love to here what others are doing and your critique is valuable.
I agree that sometimes a method can have its strengths and weeknesses. That's way homeschooling is so great-we can keep tweeking.

Sara said...

whats wrong mummy?
don't you like it?

Leanne said...

there is always room for Improvement