Monday, 23 August 2010

An Evening with Fr Terence

A few weeks ago, a dear homeschool Mum and I were talking about having talks by religious in our homes.
I said, I was happy to open my home to an event like this.
We opened our home to a dear Priest that many Aussies will know.
He spoke to about 15 people about "The New Age", and its deception. We all interjected were we needed to, and he spoke from personally experiencing some of this through the need of exercising several people.
It was not a talk for the faint hearted, but an area that can be overlooked in our secular society.
Many points he raised, I was not unfamiliar with, as was the same for the others in attendance.
I liked his point that if you stop seeing "The beauty, the truth and honesty" you can easily open yourself up to things not of God.
He spoke of a man possessed, and his religious director from another faith, saying, "seek out a Catholic Priest, there is nothing I can do".
I liked his honesty, that if he didn't know something, he did not try to answer it with a 'fluffy'' answer, but continually went back to the churches stance.
I had several questions I wanted to ask, but I am hoping I can ask them of him when the time is right. 
I think many of us could have listened and interjected for hours, but the night was getting late, and many had travelled from long distances.
So mow until next time.
What an exciting few weeks we have had.


Erin said...

Ohh how wonderful:)

Leanne said...

It was a great privilege and lots of discussion