Thursday, 12 August 2010

Beautiful Girl

I was very pleased when I discovered this book. I immediately planned to read this book with Brid when we had a night alone. She loves reading together, especially when the timing is just right.
As a mother and daughter, I know this will be a very special time, to further embrace our friendship and each others feminity.
So the book arrived and our journey has begun.


Renelle said...

Hi Leanne,

I really like Karen Andreola's effective gentle ways. I hope it proves to be just as lovely and inspiring as some of her other work. Keep us updated...I eyed this off for future use with little miss.
We must have a cuppa soon! I'll pm you.
Blessings, Renelle

Leanne said...

Thanks Renelle,

yes we must catch up.

EnduringPrize said...

I've heard about this book many times. Keep us posted on how it's going. I have wondered if it may be a bit too cheesy.
I would love to hear more comments about is as you go.