Wednesday, 18 August 2010

ROME Topic Approach

Week 5 has seen the coming of the close of our study of Rome, its Kingdom, Its Republic and Its Empire. It has been a long journey, but very fruitful.
We used History Links as our main source and bounced of here and there using the references it suggested, and as my usual style, the books I knew we had in our library to embellish each area as needed. History Links has 3 bound books presenting Rome from its beginnings to its fall.
It covered the Saints of the time, the beginnings of our early church and the heresies at the time. It placed emphasis on our Church Fathers and the rulers of the Roman Empire.
We learnt about Vestments and Sacraments within this unit. Iconography was discussed and we could practice what we learnt on other Icons we knew.
We were able to end this amazing time in history this week because we implemented the topic approach. As I stated last week, we can gain momentum, and stay with it, rather than swapping to a new subject several times a day.

So why was this imporrtant to complete?
We were both feeling we had journeyed enough with this unit. It is a very full unit, and I culled what I knew was information that would just go over Brids' head. This made it more manageable and wothwhile.
So tomorrow brings a new day and new adventures.


Erin said...

Wonderful! but you have left me in suspense, what are you studying now?

Leanne said...

We are studying Rivers of the World, The Congo this week, and will leave History for the rest of this term.