Friday, 18 December 2009

Our backyard

When we moved we left behind a pool, a pergola and ducted air conditioning.
We wanted to put all these in our new home. The air con was put in 3 weeks after we moved. And boy have we needed with this hot summer.
We have added 2 more wants. A swing and a vege patch.
Yes I know wants, do we really need them no, but it will cut down the mowing!!!!-
So the pool starts next year.
The pergola is the full extent of the house, so lots of outdoor living. We live outside like most Aussies most of the year. I can't wait to eat our meals outside under our pergola! Brid and I do our schooling outside most days, except in the cold weather.
The swing, my Dad and Dermot are putting together. Its made of koppers logs, so it will be strong and able to take a couple of grown up kids on the swings at a time.
So the pergola is still at the construction stage, with the sheets of aluminium going up today. They have been on the job most of the week.
Lots of noise and banging. We have a local friend helping out. Actually, everyone on the 'job' are friends of ours, so its rather a nice friendly environment for us all to be in.
They have consented to a couple of photos, so they will go up on the blog soon.
The vege patch, it will be next cab off the rank, once the swing and pergola are in place.
The pool is a long project, it takes 16 weeks for it to be finished, as we have chosen a concrete pool. Our last one was as well, but there are a couple of variations we needed to address as its a different council area and its 8 years on, and legislation has changed on construction and water tanks.
So this is all happening the week before Christmas. But it truly is not a bother, to have workmen here, but I can't wait to have it too ourselves!!!!!!

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Gemma said...

Lots of activity this week!
You really need a pergola. It's so important to have an attractive, shady place to be outside. And I can certainly understand why a swing is on the must-do list as well.
Thinking of you all & lots of love.