Monday, 7 December 2009

Advent Ramblings

Two posts in one day!!
Its been a huge year this year and we are all very weary, but excited by the coming of Our Lord soon.
We have had huge changes this year, and none more than a new Parish.
It could have been hard to get to know everyone at St Christophers', but we have met some lovely couples who have helped us step into ministry fairly quickly.
We also had a very good friend who introduced us to the Parish Priest, so it couldn't have been easier. We did have to actually step outside our comfort zone though, and introduce ourselves.
We now have one of our daughters home for as long as she needs to be here for, so thats huge change again.
So are we ready for Christmas. Yes we are, but..... I have not bought my Presents for my children or family.
Have we made Christmas food. No, but we will.
OUr home is decorated and the Jesse Tree and Nativity has been set up a while.

This is our official last week of school, so thats exciting for Brid and myself.
We have celebrated The advent feast days and have our novenas in place.
Brid and I are reading Advent books, and of course Holy Heroes is a hit.!!!!

So here we are just beginning to think Christmas Presents and cooking.

Happy Advent. Please keep us in your prayers.


Gae said...

Dear leanne,
Praying your preparations are going well in your home.
Comfort zones are an interesting thing. Sometimes we think we couldn't possible do that and at other times the same thing doesn't phase us at all.

Erin said...


So pleased to hear your dd is home{{}}
A new parish! big change, we've been in our parish for a year now and just settling in. The girls and I have joined the choir for Christmas, way out of our comfort zone but they are so thrilled to have us.
we're planning on shopping for presents next week! David only wants to think house building.

Gemma said...

Hi Leanne! We missed you on Thursday. It sounds to me like you really are nearly ready for Christmas.
I love Advent.

clip-football said...

Thank you very much