Sunday, 20 December 2009

Its all done and Our 1st Saint soon!

We have been very busy this weekend. Actually we are exhausted.
The majority of our pergola is up. Just a small area to erect.
Its been all cleaned and useable. A few hours of elbow grease to clean away cobwebs and remove all the leaves and dirt from the area. and boy! does it give some shade. It stops the sun coming in the glass windows, so the air conditioner isn't working as hard. We feel very Blessed to have it.
The swing set is finished and We- umm! Brid And myself are using it. Its very tall and will be useable for adults for years to come. Thanks Dad.
This weekend I have baked more Shortbread and our Christmas Cake. It took me a while this year, as we have had a difficult situation to sort out. Mum, Dad and myself are the only ones who like Christmas cake, but it adds a gorgeous aroma to this season. Its not the same without it.
Now its time to shop for our favoutite foods for Christmas Day.

And now we have the wonderful news about Blessed Mary McKillop!. She was an amazing women, and one we have studied and enjoyed getting to know over the last few years with resources from the St Josephs Centre and of course the Library. I am thinking a Pilgrimage to North Sydney is definitely on the agenda for us. As my Daughter said Go Mary Mckillop- Bless you.

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Gemma said...

I love Christmas cake too! I haven't done much other baking yet, but it's on the cards for today. I was waiting for a cooler day, but I don't think that will happen soon, LOL.