Monday, 7 September 2009

A surprise

I wrote just recently about our 22nd Wedding Anniversary. Brid cooked us a beautiful meal, with a little help from me.

She was very proud of her efforts and presented all 3 courses to us with delight.

We had fruit skewers for entree', chicken terikayi, potatoes and salad for our main course and chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert. Very nice and very filling.

A Cd of various romantic music was played and a concert was performed as well. It was quite a wonderful afternoon. All chosen by Brid.

Just enough time was allowed to be at Mass on time. We had mentioned we would like a blessing before or after Mass to our new parish priest, so when he called us up close to the end of Mass we were surprised and delighted all at the same time.

We were asked to walk down the aisle together for a blessing.

We were asked to re- commit ourselves in front of a whole congregation we are yet to get to know. It was a lovely way to celebrate our Anniversary. We were congratulated bt many of the congregation afterwards- what a way to meet others.

We came home to cuddle up and watch a movie together. Brid made herself scarce-bless her.

We also acknowledged it was the feast day of Mother Theresa and we have asked many times for her intercession for our marriage.

She was a wonderful women and one I look up to for her humility and commitment to the poorest of poor.
So We hope next year will be as wonderful as this. Thank You brid for making us feel very loved and Special. We Love you.

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