Friday, 4 September 2009

where has the time gone

Tomorrow marks a beautiful celebration for Dermot & myself.
We have been married 22 years. We met in the UK, fell in love and Dermot immigrated to Australia with me in 1987. We married 90 days later on 5th September 1987.
We are blessed with 4 gorgeous children.
We share The richness and blessings that come from being Disciples of Our Lord.
We would like to go out for dinner, but little Brid has other plans. She plans on making us a 3 course meal and as much as I would love to Book a table somewhere for a meal, I think this is a much better offer.
So I will need to update you on our 3 course meal served by our gorgeous daughter Brid


Anonymous said...

Wishing you both happy day and a very enjoyable dinner tonight.

Aussie Therese said...

happy anniversary Leanne to both you and Dermot.

I hope you have a great dinner.


Leanne said...

Thank you we had a lovely day