Thursday, 29 January 2009

We are sorta back

Yesterday we started preparing ourselves for the year.
Colouring Book Covers, Covering books. Deciding what we will use.
Today we have been working on a our new look Timeline.
It has been several months in the process of looking, discovering and putting on to paper what I think will work for us. Then giving Brid an outline and letting make several decisions about how it will look. We will after- all be using it for years.
Today is really a joint effort. I do not expect a 10-11 year old to know what is the grand plan in my mind, so we are doing little by little.
Yesterday I needed to buy a guillotine to help Louise make her 21st birthday invites. So we now have acquired a guillotine- and boy am I impressed. It cuts a straighter line than me, and so much quicker. I now have the paper I wanted to use all stuck in the book, rather than still measuring, cutting and getting hot and bothered.

So Brid is happily creating. Now the boring bits are out of the way, she can begin decorating.
The part she always likes the best.

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Tricia said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished time line. I was very impressed with the planning stage. If only I was as creative!