Friday, 30 January 2009

St John of Kanty

Every year we attend a Summer School of Evangelisation run by the Disciples of Jesus, and every year one of the 'team', put much work into preparing saints names on little pieces of paper, with descriptions and places them in a container for people to take one each for the year. Like a lucky dip- but with a difference, God has his hand which one we receive.

I have had some interesting saints over the years, and have wondered- why that one?, especially when I hear some people have some of my favoured saints already.

Anyway this year I placed my hand in the container and was guided to Saint John of Kanty.

In short ' he did not only read and study much but he discussed every question with the Lord- on his knees- for he strove to look at life's issues from God;s perspective'.

I have been asked to pray for scholars and university students.

I had a little God moment when I opened the paper up, because I am going back to study this year to do a Course in our Faith.

I am really looking forward to it, and this Saint has just confirmed it for me.

So this year I will ask Saint John of Kanty to intercede for my prayers.

Dermot has his own, and Brid was drawn to Sister Faustina.

Our Family Patron Saint is St John of God- we decided to keep the same one as last year.

So we feel very blessed to have a variety of Saints interceding for us in our Prayers.

A real communion of Saints.

Through the years of doing this I have learnt so much about so many different Saints and it isn't until time goes by, I realise why each of us was given that particular one. I no longer look at others and go "I wanted that one", but delight and rejoice in the Saint given to me.

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