Wednesday, 21 January 2009


We have been on a week long retreat with 90 or so other wonderful Catholic families/ young people. Many old friends, some friends we hadn't met before. Recipe for lots of interaction. Awesome. Lots of Lectures, Seminars, Daily Mass, Rosary, Praise & Worship, Evening Adoration and although very hot, too much fun, and great food. Pretty full on days, with early mornings, but very very late nights.
As I have said before I am Charismatic by nature, so this was an excellent week for me. As a family we have returned to the same place 4 years in a row to experience all God has to give to us.
We were sent out last Sunday to be commissioned in our Mission.
But........ now the question is posed, what is our Mission, where is our Mission, What does God what us to do.
You know to me, it is a given, Dermot is my Mission, and I am Dermots, and the family is our misssion, but together....
We came away exhilarated, and an overwhelming sense of what do you what from us all.
We are / or have we already come to that conclusion.

I suppose, God will reveal it to us piece by piece, just as we need to know, but I sort of get a strong sense of knowing what it is anyway. But all in God's time, his plans will be revealed.

Until then we stand in excited anticipation. And as we keep our eyes on Our Lord, we are giving him ALL the Glory.

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