Friday, 9 January 2009

Glory Box

When I was a teen my grandmother and Mum, set me up with a Glory Box. Every birthday and Christmas something would appear for my 'box'. I in turn added to it.
By the time I was married, I had towels, sheets, dooners, pillows, crockery, glassware, and much more. It was a wonderful starting point.
It seems that it is a tradition that has not been kept up, maybe by our need everything now society.
So I have started setting my own daughters up in the same way, but when I was talking to them about it, they just looked. 'what are you talking about'.

Now every birthday, my Mum and I buy one gift that is a 'glory box' gift.
I tend to by serving dishes, cutlery, dinner set, cooking ware. I will make the girls some items as well throughout this year.

I had some beautiful pieces, some I used as I was living away from home in Sydney and lots I kept especially for when I was married.

Does anyone else have a tradition like this.


Jeanne said...

I had a glory box, but I hadn't thought of beginning one for my daughter...I will start this year!

I have enjoyed getting to know you and your family through the pages of your blog!!


Purpleflowerpatch said...

Mark is crafting a glory box for E's 15th birthday in May. She has asked for one since she was 11. ;-)

I have been making things for her glory box, but not a housekeeping one. I make things for her babies 'to come', and so does she. She has done this for many years and has some beautiful babies clothes, blankets, and now she makes quilts for them. said...

I think this is a lovely idea.

It is a great way to reinforce the sanctity of marriage and to encourage a preparation for this special occasion. I love the fact that it is an opportunity to hand down not just a tradition but also values.

My problem would be picking things that they actually liked in 10 years time.


Kimberly said...

We call them hope chests, my husband refinished his grandmothers' and gave it to me for my 16th birthday. My family, and his gave me gifts to start our married life. We are looking for one for our oldest daughters' next birthday.

Erin said...

I received a hope chest from my Dad when I was 20.

Our dd turns 16 this year, I'm going to chat with dh and see what he thinks about making her one. I really like this idea and now may be the time (I already have book put aside for her children;)