Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Our Catholic Homeschool Gathering

In our area we are blessed to have several homeschool families.

Some months ago we set up a group to interact about Catholic stuff. I would periodically post as would some others, but I kept saying to Our Lord, if we are to use this email group, you will make it possible. Latin Mass started monthly and posting was at least to let everyone know what date Mass was on.

Tricia, my dear friend and I were talking one day and thought, we need to gather more often.

We posted this excitedly, on our group, and chose a date. That date was today.

We had 5 families attend, and we were blessed to be able to use the Convent across the road from our church. We were also very blessed that our Parish Priest was more than willing to say Mass as well as a teaching for our children afterward.

We brainstormed over a cuppa the varied things we could do, and of course between lightning bolts from our excited brains, watched the little ones.

We have quite an array of events and feasts to celebrate every month.

I pray that Our Lord will bless our little group, and we can continue the enthusiasm we had today.


Tricia said...

We had a wonderful time too! Can't wait for next month.

Elena said...

I'm sure the Lord Will bless your little group. How could He resist. He know it is important to have contact and support from other homeschooling families. When I began homeschooling my son there were a total of 7 families - 3 in Melbourne & 4 in Ballarat. We were all friends and attended the same prayer meetings. We would gather for all sorts of occasions and organise excursions etc. I know the lord blessed us and guided us as I know He will for you.
God Bless,