Thursday, 9 October 2008

Holidays nearly over.......

Well its nearly time to return to the books and general day to day stuff. We have had a great holiday, very tiring.
We have had so many great days. Caught up with so many friends.
Yesterday a friend and I took our children on an adventure to Sydney's Rocks area. It was fun pointing out historical sights and looking at different convict quarry work. Explaining in simple terms to kids about the area and showing them the arrows on the bricks.
We found a great park under the harbour bridge and when we walked back to have lunch, we were dished up a treat of watching a personal trainer take his clients through there routines. It kept us all occupied.
We finished our day with a visit to St Patricks' near the Rocks. It was perfect timing because there was exposition. So we took the children to the front of the church and they all kneeled reverently for a short while. Long great day, and a wonderful way to finish it off.
Brid was printmaking today. We made 3 different printings. We had the pleasure of being taught by a homeschooler Mum, who owns her own studio. We printed the creations with a 200 year old printpress.
Another great day.
But it wasn't finished yet. Dermot had packed a picnic for us, and was waiting for us to return so we could go to the foreshore.
In the afternoon when we returned home we were welcomed by several Crimson Rosellas pecking at our bird feeder and playing in our weeping bottlebrush tree. It was certainly a God moment. Just a private show for us. Brid got up real close to the birds before they got spooked.
In all of this we have had our parish Statue of Our Lady, so we could pray the Rosary in front of her. It has been a very blessed time
Thank you Lord for this Beautiful day and a truly wonderful break.

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Sounds like you had a great holiday. I hope you are rejuvenated even more over the following week.