Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Modesty Matters

Today I was searching on the internet for further books on Modesty. I came across this article. I was a little shocked because I have been guilty of just giving up the fight and just taking my eldest daughter to Mass in what ever she chose. Just because I was sick of explaining what to wear. She was a young teen at the time and midriffs were in, with jeans, skirts almost to the pubic bone. She presented herself like this and I just said- 'Ok ready lets go'. There was talk in church and even though this was hard for me as a mother, it could have been an amazing lesson for my daughter. Next week she covered up a little more, and continued putting longer tops on until she was not getting any further looks.
Even though this Women in this article talks of the Mother being at fault, it comes a time when the child knows what is right from wrong and they need to own it.
My youngest wouldn't be scene in a church without being respectfully dressed. She has had the benefit of Homeschooling, and I have been able to train her and discuss these issues without secular views getting in the way. She is actually teaching her siblings- particularly her sisters' as her brother has left the family behind at the moment- please pray for him.
I called Brid my Angel from Heaven, from the moment she was conceived- that she truly is. She is very wise. I love you darling.
Modesty Matters

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Colleen Hammond said...

Nice article!

As one of the comments suggested my book, here's a link to a chapter you can read online: http://www.valoramedia.com/dwd-chapter3.html

Here's the Outfit Guidelines: http://www.colleenhammond.com/pdf/dwd-outfit-guidelines.pdf

And you can order a signed copy of the book here, if you can't find it locally: http://www.valoramedia.com/index.html

May Our Lord and Lady bless you in your search for interior and exterior modesty!

Colleen Hammond said...

PS: I agree that it's not always the mother's fault!!!

CT said...

Greetings! I saw your post and so appreciated it!

modesty does indeed matter.

I think there is a new clothing site that would be of interest to you and your readers:

check it out!

Leanne said...

Thank you both of you. I am delighted to get your responses. Colleen I loved your book. Leanne