Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Family Time

After our camp Brid and I drove up to the Gold Coast for some family bonding. mainly Dermot, Brid and me, but our eldest Louise surprised us by coming along as well.
We made plans to go to Dreamworld. that was the best day. Louise and Brid went on every ride they could together including the Tower of Terror- well they were both speechless when they got of it- but excited they had gone on it.
We arrived at Dreamworld just in time to view the Tigers and hear more about them. That was excellent. We seemed to be drawn to them all day, and at the end of the day we again were able to pat the baby tigers born at the park.
Our day was topped of by a visit to the Hard Rock Cafe'- a favourtie haunt of ours on our gold coast trips.
the whole trip was just so blessed. As we were coming up to our accomodation, we saw a Catholic Church- and the mass times, so we were organised there. It was odd to celebrate Mass in the normal manner, after attending Latin Mass daily- just seemed less reverent- I can't put my finger on it.
Sunday night rained, but it didn't stop us playing putt putt golf- we had umbrellas.
Anyway our little holiday came to an end and we are now back at home refreshed and more relaxed than we have been in ages.
Dermot & I decided that today Brid would just help me do chores and cleaning up and putting away after our trip. We worked outside sweeping leaves and cleaning seed up.
Brid continued to work on her blog. She is learning a lot about it and putting her thoughts down.
God Bless to all

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