Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Its been such a long time since I blogged.
I have been reading my blog list. Posting a few comments,
On my blog rounds, I noticed over on Sues blog that she is doing an A to Z in a month.
Sounds so good. Totally inspired and then......started writing, no inspiration.
although I might just have an A....

Activ8 youth team. We have the best little Youth group in our Parish. We have a full time Youth team who live in one of the Parish houses and oversee the entire youth program every week. They put aside there work for the year, and focus on the youth of the region. Its a volunteer position, that these young adults take up for one year.
Every Tuesday Brid attends her youth group.
There is a junior youth group on in the afternoon and the senior is on in the evening. Sandwiched nicely between them is a youth Mass at 7pm. Its a very youth focused Mass and every child has the opportunity to help out in some way.
Brid has gone from strength to strength with her youth group. They focus on various different programs throughout the year. The last project was to present the Stations of the Cross as a dramatisation for the Parish. Last year they watched and talked about " the great adventure series"
Every Sunday night we come together for our regional youth Mass. Again there is always a job for the children and teenagers to do, if they would like to.
Last Saturday night - the day before Palm Sunday, Brid was asked by the team to attend Gracefest in Sydney. They set out at 3pm for there 2 hour trip to Sydney and joined all the other young adults and teenagers at St Marys Cathedral.
We were a little worried about her going without us, but we just needed to trust she'd be ok. She was fine. There was so much for them to do, Adoration, opportunity for confession, witness talks, Talk by Cardinal Pell, Praise and worship, chatting- networking and just loads of fun.
They got back very late and boy was I pleased to hear her voice as she walked through the door, but excited that she got to be responsible and enjoy a night with friends.
So that would be my A if I was linked to the blog..

Now B should be pretty easy.



Vicky said...

We have a son who is Brid's age, Leanne, and he recently went to Sydney with the parish youth group. It was a really stormy evening and I was on tenterhooks until he walked through the door. But, like you, I was so pleased that he'd enjoyed such an uplifting outing.

Good luck with the A to Z month! It's nice to see you blogging, again.

God bless:-)

Leanne said...

hi vicki,
thanks for commenting. Its been a while. Life just gets busy.
regarding our teens being away like we both experienced, I am sure you did just as I did and place him in Gods hands. :)

Sararose said...

Leanne 9mum), I tagged you on my blog!
Love Sararose xox