Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Papa Benedict

Today I woke to the news that Our Holy Father would resign in less than a month. Was I shocked?
Initially a little, but no not really. I think he has made  a rather courageous move.
I have hardly listened to the news regarding his decision because, I didn't think the media would do the situation justice.  I felt a man of his integrity and prayerfulness would be guided by the Holy Spirit.
I like Bishop Bill from Maitkland Newcastle dioceses believe its a rather humble and admirable decision.

Bishop Bill Wright, speaking to 1233 ABC Newcastle's Jill Emberson this morning, said that he was very surprised to hear the news. "I was very surprised that there was no leak at all," Bishop Bill said. "It's another occasion when the Pope has impressed me. Anyone who does something that no-one has done for 600 years is sticking his neck out in a way. It takes imagination and a certain humility. I think it's an admirable thing to do."

I remember his instillment all those years ago and the public reaction.
This time Brid is at an age that she will understand more clearly the process, so we have decided to down our other work and concentrate on the life of Pope Benedict and the process od election.
I was quite inspired by Elizabeths Blog post, clearly setting out information on the election, the conclave and many other interesting rabbit trails.

Last year Pope Benedict XVI at the Papal audience on our anniversary. A treasured memory .
We watch and wait as this all unfolds and welcome our new Pope next month, and prayerfully remember our Present Pope.

Just another day in the Catholic Church.

God Bless you all.



Sue Elvis said...


If we trust that Pope Benedict is doing God's will as he has always done, then there is nothing to worry about. God has everything worked out, and we will be looked after. Lent will be an extraordinary time of united prayer and maybe unexpected graces as we receive a new pope.

God bless!

Leanne said...

Thanks Sue for stopping by. I feel much peace in all of this.. No need to fear, God has it under control.
God Bless to you too

Vicky said...

I felt really sad at the news but you're so right, Leanne - it must be part of God's plan. We were blessed to see Pope Benedict when he visited Sydney for World Youth Day. His gentle humility was so inspiring.

God bless, Leanne:-)

Leanne said...

Vicki It is great to be blogging and chatting again.
Thanks for dropping by,