Thursday, 24 January 2013

Liturgical Year

I have to confess last year we did a horrible job trying to keep a track or even stick to the Liturgical year and celebrating the various Feast days.
The truth is that Brid is older and I need to make it all much simpler and easier to follow.
This year at Summer School of Evangelisation we all chose, seperately decided to attend a lecture called Prayer Boot Camp...Wow what an awesome lecture series.
It looked at various ways to pray and keep that alive daily.
One way was the Prayer Wheel.It breaks prayer into 5 min sessions, over an hour..

We were challenged to start our day with Adoration at 6am.
Well lets just say as the evenings do not end until 11pm at least, I chose to do my hour of prayer elsewhere in the day. I have actually kept this Challenge going.
Dermot &  I reflected on our prayer life and we realised that we actually do pray more than we first thought.We enter into the Readings of the day, we discuss them,We pray at meals, The Angelus etc..
So what have I discovered in all this??
That I just need to let go and believe that God will use this time of messiness and disorder to put  a fire in each of us, for more of his word.
I have begun by finding a Character Calendar connected to the Liturgical year..
I downloaded it and placed it on my desktop to view daily. This ha been a real treasure to find.

While we attend this 8 day retreat, our summer school, I always ask God what he wants for my year ahead.
He has done some amazing things in the past. Relocating us, finding a Ballet School, A new Church.
This year I was open to his desires again, and the word that kept coming into my heart  was
                                                    ........... PRAY...

I feel utter peace and surrender to the Lord about this.
But I must tell you more. The last 2 years I have been in a very baron place. My Desert place as I have called it. Unable to pray, talk to God, before the tabernacle after Communion. Its been terrible, but I feel a total healing of this now. It happened at Summer school after the Reconcilation Evening.

                                           SO I AM BACK......PRAISE GOD FOR THIS.....



Sue Elvis said...


The Character Calendar is wonderful! Thank you for the link. I have downloaded a copy and I'm going to follow your example. Yes, I'm sure it will be a real treasure.

"SO I AM BACK......PRAISE GOD FOR THIS....." I can feel your joy and excitement. God is good!

God bless!

Leanne said...

Thanks for dropping by.
Nice to touch base again.
I followed your lead and opened up on an area that was a little personal..Pleased I did now.
The Calendar is a great find, thanks to '4 real forum'..
God Bless