Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Advent & Novenas

I am looking around my Blog lists and other blog and seeing the most amazing posts reminding us pray and get ourselves ready for the coming of Our Lord.
We have gotten our Advent wreath arranged. We are lighting our candles each day at Breakfast.
We have begun our Advent chain. We are opening each Verse from the bible at breakfast as well
And I selected our great variety of books from the shelf.
Just a very small collectiion, the rest are being read by miss Brid

This year as Brid is getting older we are doing a family reflection every day, using Fulton Sheens' Advent & Christmas..

We have begun our St Andrews Novena and The Immaculate Conception Novena.

As the greenery is fresh we will replenish it as we need to. Some of our candles are from last year, we will update them as needed as well.

We get our candles from dusk. My favourite candle store.
We have put up our Jesse Tree and are slowly getting our Christmas decorations out.

We are trying to resist the temptations the world offers at Christmas. So how are your plans going???


Therese said...

We are doing a Jesse tree this year. I have some purple and pink candles somewhere but cannot remember where they got put. Hopefully I will find them soon.

Leanne said...

Therese we have a box of Advent things seperate to our Christmas things. I can put my hand on these items at ease. Mind you we have been only doing this for about 3 years.
hope you find your candles.
God Bless

Sue Elvis said...

Hi Leanne,

Your blog looks so attractive. I love your new Advent look.

I can see two Tomie dePaola books in your picture that we've also got. We just love the illustrations in them.

I always have so much trouble finding candles at Advent, Christmas and Lent. Thank you for the link. I will bookmark it for future use!

So many wonderful links. Thank you.

Leanne said...

Thank you Sue, It is so nice sharing all our Advent treasures we have gathered over the years.
Lovely to hear from you,
God Bless,

noreen said...

Hi Leanne, I found your blog link from bouncing around the Catholic blogs and I see you are friends with Sue! She's the best!! Your Advent activities sound meaningful for both you and your children.

Leanne said...

Thanks Noreen for your comment. Its nice you have stumbled across my blog. I love Sues blog as well. We love our Advent activities, it makes you stop and think in a world of busyness and secularisation. God Bless, Leanne