Monday, 26 September 2011

Every now and again...

What music did you enjoy when you were younger?
Whilst I was a teen and younger I was like any teeny bopper of my age, I loved Pop music and countdown- Australian popular music show. I was raised in a fairly secular home.
When I was a preteen, I saw Suzi Quatro on the TV and I fell in love with her music and wanted to research her every song and move, everything she liked. Obsessed. Maybe....
I grew up with her music and posters all over my walls and remember every tour she did of Australia, every song to every album. I was hooked. I had scrapbooks and collected everything Suzi. I liked that she was a Catholic.  I identified with us both being Catholic. This was yet another piece in the puzzle  in my discovery of God.
As my relationship with Jesus grew I tried to weigh this all up. I know that I needed to renounce this music, but it’s not that bad. Its just good fun.
You see I have personally met Suzi, so I knew she was a really normal cool person. She is like a friend to my whole family.  I have watched as a fan as she branched out into theatre, stage acting, as she became a mum, as she hurt when her Mum died, joined her on facebook, and as wrote her autobiography, and remarked at each new song she wrote.  All our children know who she is and have been raised with her music. Some have even seen her concerts.
So my little secret is now out there, I am a huge Suzi Quatro fan. ( Not that I am ashamed of it, its just I don't discuss it regularly.) I have seen her around the world and even got to spend time with her on one aussie tour in particular. I was friends with the road crew and her band. We have a friendship forged with Bev in the UK.
So how does this fit into my life as a committed Catholic. ?
How do I weigh it all up?  I don’t. I leave it up to God. Every couple of years I see her play a few gigs in Australia. I am Leanne- little rocker for a few hours a night and then I return to normality..
Suzi is back in Australia for the next few weeks. Dermot took me to see her in Queensland and last night in Sydney.  We have one more show to go and that will be a family affair.
a few years ago...
So do you have any secrets in your closets.???


Renelle said...

Suzie her....she hasn't changed. I'll have to think about that one! Skeletons in the closet, mmmmm?

Leanne said...

Hi Renelle, Thanks for dropping she is still just the same..mellowed slightly..
I suppose its not really a skeleton is it...just a topic I haven't considered posting before.

Sue Elvis said...

I didn't know Suzi Quatro is a Catholic? I guess when I was listening to her music, I wasn't a Catholic myself and didn't even wonder about her religion. What a lovely secret you have Leanne! It's hard to think of secrets on the spot. I shall have to think. I have revealed a few little secrets from my past on my blog. No doubt others will surface and I will write about them too! By the way, Andy and I were heavy metal fans. When the kids were young, I got out all the albums and really listened to the lyrics. I did a huge cull, throwing away the ones I didn't want my children to hear. But at the same time I threw away a lot of memories and really, I don't think I was adversely affected by the music. I certainly didn't absorb any messages from the devil recorded backwards or whatever! I guess it pays to be cautious though. God bless!

Leanne said...

Hi sue, You got my sentiment behind my post. Yes the culling, I did a lot as well. Dermot still likes his r n r. Me.. not as much.
I prefer Matt Maher.
Suzi is the only one I just can't though out to many memories. I suppose I have grown up and grown older with her music..
I think its all how we are, in the way we absorb messages. It hasn't affected me at all either.
Love leanne

Sara ♥♥♥ said...

Hi Mum, I just watched ME on Utube!! AWESOME!!!
Brid xox