Wednesday, 7 September 2011

24 years ago...

We celebrated our 24th Wedding Anniversary earlier this week. We were married in my local parish.
We met 25 years ago in London. I was working in a pub, as most Aussies did when they took up a working Visa in the UK. Dermot was a London resident.
We met the first week I arrived. My heart skipped a beat.
We eventually spent more and more time together. We would take long walk in the park, enjoy Covent gardens, all those things couples do. I would leave work and he was there at the back, with his wink waiting to drop me home.
Fairly quickly we realised that we were meant to be together.
Within three weeks we were talking Marriage, the name of our children, how many children do you think we would be Blessed with?
Then the big decision were to live? I could get UK residency. That was not an issue, but was this the right place to start our life together?
Dermot decided that he would emigrate to Australia. This process took quite some time.
The Australian Embassy was quite slow at processing Dermot's forms.
We had a couple of hiccups. The Australian Government was only interested in Legal and people with 3 A levels. Dermot had neither. So we chose to apply for a fiance' visa.
This still took many months but at least if I stayed in the UK, He was more assured of being successful in his application. So we kept busy working and enjoying life together. By this stage I was a live out Nanny.
In the mean time, We needed to tell Dermots parents. They were not amused at all, and I was not the most popular person.
Eventually they knew it was inevitable and we would be leaving the shores of the UK with a destination of Australia.
The go ahead was given, and we needed to choose a date, it was governed by our marriage date, so the 5th June was our exit date. If you have a Fiance' visa, a 90 day period is givenfor you to Marry. So with my Parents assistance and the documents supplied by the Parish Priest we were to be married some 90 days later.
So our day arrived. I was late arriving at the church. The photographer held us up.
I looked at the invited guests. I said to my Dad, "There aren't many people". He said, "don't worry about that". It was a big arc shaped church, so it does hold a large congregation....The rest for another day.
So 24 years ago Dermot & I were married. I feel like the most Blessed women in the world. He is so adorable and he tries so hard to love me like I would like to be loved.

So Little Brid put a lovely request on the radio. "walking her home". Its all about the journey of a married couples life. I hope and pray we are able to walk each other home, even to our Lord. What a Blessed life we have loving each other. That is the  witness our world needs. Married couples loving each other through every good and difficult time.
I love you my Love, my best friend.  


Vicky said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, Leanne and Dermot -you have a beautiful story to tell! My husband, also, proposed very soon after we first met. I think something seems to click when it's right and that's what gets us through the good and the more difficult times, isn't it?

I enjoyed reading your story, Leanne:)

Leanne said...

Thanks Vicki for your kind words. Yes when its right you just know.
God Bless

Therese said...

Congratulations Leanne and Dermot.24 years is quite an achievement.

Leanne said...

Thank you Therese for your congratulations. God Bless Leanne

Sue Elvis said...

Leanne, you have told me your story before but I really enjoyed reading about it again. I still find it amazing how God ensures we meet the right person. You and Dermot grew up so far apart but God brought you together. Wow! May God send you many blessings in your next year of marriage.

Leanne said...

Thank you Sue, for your Blessings.
I too find it amazing that it was placed on my heart to always want to travel to the UK from a very young age. God Has it all in hand.No need to worry.

Michelle Downunder said...

Lovely! You too are a couple that cherishes each other. How blessed you both are!