Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dads day

Last Sunday, We celebrated Fathers' day.
Dermot received a few gifts first thing in the morning. Brid could hardly wait. She took hours, the day before wrapping her treasures and making them just so. I eventually needed to hurry her along. It was nearly time for Vigil Mass.
So after a simple breakfast we made ourselves ready for our visitors, making sure to spoil Dermot along the way.
We had planned to gather together early afternoon for a BBQ lunch and catch up.

The evening before our visiting Priest had asked the Dads to stand for a Blessing and several Dads including Dermot were asked to read the Prayers of the Faithful. It was a lovely touch to his weekend as he called it.
Anyway, We chose a fairly simple menu for lunch, so I wasn't in the house cooking.
I wanted the Men-my Dad and Dermot, to enjoy there day.
They opened there carefully chosen Gifts from there family. Lots of lovely smiles and gratitude as there gifts were warmly received.
It was a gorgeous afternoon, no wind, mild sunny weather. We chatted til after 5 o'clock outside without needing to be chased inside with the cold air.
My Dad, Brid Louise & myself

the two happy Dads

Daddy & Brid

Grandad & Brid
Here are a few shots of our day. We are so Blessed to have such loving Dads in our lifes.


Sue Elvis said...

Such beautiful photos, Leanne!

Leanne said...

Thanks sue, it was a lovely was Andys day?
God Bless, leanne