Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Assumption.

Yesterday we celebrated the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady.

On Saturday Vigil Mass, I opened the parish bulletin to see when the Mass for this Feast would be celebrated. I was so disappointed when I read 7am. This was for 3 Mass centres. 
So Sunday I began to ring a few Parishes to find a much more friendly time for us.
Our former Parish had Mass being celebrated 3 times that day.

We decided to attend the Cathedral at 12md.
We knew we would need to be there early as the parking in the streets is tight.
Brid & I met Dermot there.
There was much hussle & bussle around us, but we focused on the alter and the beautiful statue of Our Lady.
Mass began and we were delighted to hear the lovely organ and the old traditional music playing.
It was a beautiful Mass and Fathers' homily was touching to say the least.
He said those who draw close to Mary, she in turn draws them to her Son. So true isn't it.


Vicky said...

Mass in the cathedral with an organ sounds beautiful! I love the image of Mary drawing us to Jesus - it's such a comforting and encouraging thought:)

Leanne said...

i nearly jumped with delight when this adorable priest said those words. It resonated with me for the rest of our day.

Sue Elvis said...

Leanne, I am so pleased to hear you had a beautiful Mass and were able to ignore the hustle and bustle. Thank you for sharing my Assumption Mass story too!

I was tagged in a meme today. My first! In turn, I am wondering if you'd like to join in. It's a patron saint meme: what cause would you like to be the patron saint of (assuming you are a canonised saint)? (Details on my blog.) Please ignore the tag if you don't feel you want to get involved. God bless!